Ten tips to crack IIT JEE advanced

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The joint entrance exam is an entrance test conducted by Central board of secondary education for admission in various prestigious engineering institutes. It is divided into two parts, JEE advanced and JEE Main. Through JEE advanced you can get admission in Indian Institute of Technology and Indian School of Mines. JEE Main is the entrance test to get admission in Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), centrally funded technical institutes (CFTIs) and the dual degree programme of IIEST Shibpur. Here we have some tips for the JEE advanced aspirants that will help them in their preparation.

Stay Firm

While going through the syllabus, some students tend to get nervous as the IIT colleges in India is very wide and considerably difficult. This makes them lose hope and they end up quitting. Remember, you need to be very firm and determined with your goal to get to the IITs. Staying sceptical about your success will only discourage you.

Start early

JEE advanced preparation is not a one day game. You will have to plan for it way before the exam. Start preparing for it when you are still in higher secondary. An early start will give you enough time to plan and execute. Being aware of all the topics and having a lot of time will boost your confidence.

Importance of coaching

It is very essential to take up coaching for the preparation of IIT-JEE advanced. Professional tutors work on the students to raise their level of understanding the concepts. They give you all the information you need regarding the question paper. Such institutions prepare you well with the concepts and structure of JEE advanced.

Group study

Studying in groups is also useful. This way you can learn a variety of tricks from each other in the group to solve problems. Also, you can take assistance from others to understand various concepts. Carry out subject related discussions to develop a better understanding of certain topics. Learn from others the topics they master in. Group study helps in sharing ideas and knowledge which is beneficial for the preparation.

Eat Well

Eating well is a necessary aspect. You need to be sure that whatever you are eating is healthy. Avoid junk and oily food as it makes you lethargic and sleepy. You cannot afford to deteriorate your productivity while preparing for IIT JEE advanced. Eat fruits, salads, and foods that give you energy.

Take breaks

Don’t schedule long hours of study. Studying continuously for a very long time will stress you and will lower down your energy and focus. Take short breaks in between wherein you can go for a small walk or just rest for a while. Take a power nap if required. Refresh your brain so it can work to its fullest.

Sleep Well

Make sure that you go to bed early and don’t stay awake till late at night. Take a good 8-hour sleep. Ample sleep is very important for your mind and body to function efficiently.

Stay motivated and give it your best to crack the IIT JEE advanced. Good Luck for your exams!