The 3 Best Wine Rack Brands


Choosing a wine rack is about more than just storing wine. It’s about finding a wine storage solution that matches your home interiors and gives off the right vibe. You need a wine rack that expresses your personality and, importantly, fits your budget.

In this article we’ll cover 3 of the best brands around for wine storage, covering options for all different wine rack needs. Keep reading to find out the best place to buy your wine rack too…


These wine racks are simple and functional. They’re designed for small spaces, but they still look very elegant. They’re particularly popular in cafés, restaurants and pubs, but they will look fabulous in your home too.

Cellarbox wine racks are made of strong, durable PVC. They perfectly compliment simple, minimalist and modern interiors. If you’ve got crisp white walls and modern furniture, this is the wine rack brand for you.

The Mateo model holds a whopping 64 bottles in a floor to ceiling cabinet arrangement. This keeps everything neatly tidied away but still on display with the open front design. If you want something smaller, try the very similar Maresa design that holds 36 bottles instead.


This brand produces high-end, attractive wine racks that are made of the finest materials. If you’re looking for a luxury wine rack, this is the brand for you. The most extravagant is the Josefa wine wardrobe that holds 108 bottles in a sliding tray design!

If you want something smaller but with just as much extravagant luxury, opt for the Galtero module that also has sliding shelves but only holds 16 bottles of wine. For a small but beautiful wine rack, you can still expect to pay a lot more than the other wine rack brands.

You might find that the Jerico wine cabinet is similar in design to others, using the cross box shelving idea… however Renato have taken this design to the next level. Not only do you get a beautifully crafted dark wood unit, but you also have space for 92 bottles and glass hanging compartment so pouring a glass is an easy convenience.


Vinikea have a wide range of different style wine racks – all are affordable! Take a look at their simple wall mounted wooden wine racks, or check out their simple wire rack for small, countertop wine storage.

We particularly like their small wine trolleys – they’re super convenient. You can store a few wine bottles on the trolley and roll them out after dinner events! Serving wine with cheese, fruits and crackers on a cool wine trolley is very impressive.

Vinikea wooden wine racks are also very elegant, coming in light pine shades: perfect for light, Scandinavian style home interiors! For darker woods, check out the many other brands of wine racks available at Wine and Barrels – there’s something for everyone.

Find wine racks for sale here, including Cellarbox, Renato and Vinikea brands and Wine and Barrels!