The holistic view of general insurance policies & types


Insurance is the best way to protect your life and unforeseen medical and financial expenses. Since we really don’t know what will happen next in your life, there is no other way than taking precautions for your life. Here, insurance takes place the primary position in everyone’s life. It will be the great way to manage your unexpected expenses. But, some of the people are still unaware of what actually the general insurance is. This article will explain you the big deal of this general insurance. The general insurance covers many things in it that makes people secured if they face any unforeseen problems in their life. In fact, there are various types of general insurances available which can be applied based on the requirements of people. Unlike the life insurance policy, the covenant of general insurance is not lifetime insurance. This general insurance will last for the given period of time or for the duration of the particular economic activity. Most of the general insurance products come with annual contracts. However, there are some products with long term duration. If you want to more about this general insurance, click over here the source known as lifetime investment insurance.

Types of general insurance

The general insurance are not same as life insurance and in fact this general insurance covers following,

  • Fire
  • Accident
  • Marine
  • Health
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Theft
  • Burglary

Since this is not life insurance, it will not last for long term. However, some insurance products come with long term benefits. There are various types of general insurance available and that are given below with detailed explanation.

  • Motor insurance is one of the types of general insurance that covers all liability and damages to your vehicle against different off-road and on road emergencies. Most of the motor insurance provides the protection to the owner of vehicle against,
  • Damages to the motor vehicle
  • It pays for the third party liability
  • The motor insurance includes the personal liability & accident. The basic motor insurance categories are,
  • Two wheeler insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Then, the health insurance is the type of general insurance. This insurance is one of the best ways to avoid your financial risk for the unforeseen problems. Health insurance policy includes,
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Family floater policy
  • Individual policy
  • Surgery cover
  • Home insurance is the general insurance that protects the physical structure of your house.
  • Rural insurance is the type of general insurance which meets the requirements of rural business and agriculture.

Apart from the above mentioned insurance, there are some other types of insurance available in general insurance policy. Just click over here the source known as lifetime investment insurance to can get more info of those insurance policies.