The Portable Shower and its Uses


A portable shower consists of a stall that can be moved and installed for use anywhere to provide shower facilities, usually in places where a bathroom might not be accessible. This is a blanket term that covers a number of different kinds of portable showers. The portable shower stall can come as a camping shower, a small stall meant for use in someone’s bedroom when they can’t get to the bathroom because of health reasons or home renovations, or it can be a portable trailer with full bathroom facilities inside used at big events.

Many homes will have only one shower or bath for you and your family to use. Hiring a portable shower unit, or even a bigger temporary trailer whilst your bathroom is being renovated is a great way to have your usual facilities available until all the work is finished. 

Into the Wilderness

Campers can set up portable showers, so that they can bathe while out in the wilderness. A portable shower stall beside a pool at home can provide pool users with a way to wash off before and after being in the pool, where there might be the possibility of introducing contaminants or being covered in chlorine. Firemen and rescue workers out in the field or battling a forest fire can also benefit from the use of portable showers that enable them to clean up after a day of work when they are unable to return to their homes. The stalls are also useful for people currently doing work on their home or who are at multiday festival events. If on the lookout for portable shower hire in Leeds, ensure using a reliable and trustworthy service.

A portable shower stall meant for home medical use will usually have rigid sides from the floor up to about halfway. The stall will usually have curtains hanging off a support frame to give the patient privacy if the stall has only half-walls. A seat is in most cases a part of the stall, and the floor has a drainage tube to ensure that the shower water flows to a sink or drain elsewhere. The water supply comes from hoses attached to taps in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room, whichever is nearest, and the stall can even have its own water heater.

All You Lucky Campers!

Camping showers are usually soft-sided and collapsible tent like structures with opaque walls. The water supply isn’t as high tech as that of a medical portable shower, coming simply from a bag hanging above the user, but it still allows campers to get clean with some privacy. Campers who want a hot shower will have to heat up water with a solar shower bag, or by the use of a portable water heater.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice shower after a long old day? And nowadays having one just about anywhere has certainly become the norm! An everyday occurrence, we all take for granted and yet a necessity.