The top advantages of playing video games


The video game is a billion dollar industry. Many people around the world play video games during their free time. However, parents are often concerned about the negative effects of video games. Video game addiction can cause eye problems and obesity; but if they can be played within limits, they have many health and other benefits. Click here for sims 4 kostenlos.

Physical activity through video games

Many people think that people have to sit in front of the computer for a long time to be able to play video games. But modern video games, like Wii, allow players to use hand and leg movements. There will be a swing of the bats or target objects. These are good physical activities and will not cause obesity. Visit this site for sims 4 kostenlos.

Improves memory and focus

Video games, especially driving games, can improve memory and concentration. Driving quickly while simultaneously looking at the directions of the road can improve memory and concentration in the short and long term. People improve in multitasking.

Improves decision-making capacity

In rhythmic games, players must think very quickly. It also helps people in real life. They can get a better idea of what’s going on around them and make decisions faster. In a video game, people have to make a decision at different stages of the game. Thus, in real life, their decision-making ability improves. Action games are useful in this case.

Video games improve vision

According to a study at the University of Rochester, video games can improve vision. It makes players color-sensitive and they can easily recognize color contrast. First-person shooter games are good for improving vision.

Helps to relieve pain

The burned, in particular, can get rid of their pain by playing video games. Video games move patients’ attention and they enter a different world, forgetting their pain.

One study found that playing video games helps surgeons perform laparoscopic surgery. This procedure requires the insertion of a tube into the patient’s body and the search for signs of illness. It requires good coordination between the eye and the hand. By playing video games, it is possible to master this skill.

Playing video games can also make you a better person. In video games, you fight with the wrong people and make informed decisions. So, people know good and bad. Instead of preventing children from playing video games, we should limit their playing time. In this way, they will not have any side effects from playing video games.

Video games could slow down aging

According to a study conducted this year playing stimulation games for two hours a week would be enough to slow down the degree of mental decline associated with natural aging.

For five to eight weeks, a group of seniors practiced computerized crossword puzzles while three other groups played a computer game called “Road Tour.” This game consisted of finding photos of vehicles while remembering where was placed a particular sign, with more and more traps as the player advanced. The experiment had to reflect the difficulty of older drivers managing a multitude of information at a crossroads.

Whether it’s a specific game or a game like ‘World of Warcraft,’ they’re complex in cognitive terms and require mental energy and abilities to play,” says Jason Allaire, a professor. at the Psychology Department of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, who did not participate in the study. “Every time you do something that requires mental energy, you exercise your abilities – it’s exactly like when you exercise your muscles, you become stronger.