Things to avoid doing when traveling to Japan


We all know that each country features their cultural restrictions, rules,and taboos. However, these regulations can differ from nation to nation so it is important to know what you can and cannot do when you visit a new country.

For instance, western societal norms can seem reasonable to the person that lives there and is programmed to do it unconsciously, but if someone from another country comes, that will lookutterly alien to him.

This creates a cultural shock for travelers that wish to visit and understand other countries, cultures,and traditions. This particular process can be extremely challenging to some people, while others can easily adapt.

Japan is a unique country when it comes to cultural expectations and rules of people within their society. Therefore, most visitors that decide to take trips to Japan are aware of this fact. It is best to do your research and observe specific customs when you arrive.

However, that could be challenging for others, since Japanese people know every single unwritten rule because they pick them up and learn from a very young age. Even from elementary school, children are thought how to follow cultural norms and regulations.

That way, they will be able to reach adulthood by understanding these behaviors and using them as their second nature. That is why we will present you’rea list of things that you should avoid doing when you are in Japan

  1. No Touching

Some areas in Europe and Western world have got used to hug people when they meet them and even kiss them on both cheeks as the way of showing friendly and romantic affection, in Japan people would never do that.

Some Japanese people would consider touching as a form of expressing, so if you live in Kansai, you will find that people are different than in other parts of Japan. Over there you can easily see girls holding hands and friends hugging each other.

On the other hand, when you’re in Tokyo, things tend to change. Touching someone could be considered as perpetration. But when you think everything through, the Western world presents handshakes as the accepted greetings in both casual and professional environments.

Therefore, in Western cultures, as soon as you meet someone for the first time, you introduce yourself through body contact. On other areas, it is common to kiss the person on the cheeks or to hug as the form of meeting.

Japanese people are different because they bow as the greeting procedure. If you wish to bendcorrectly, you have to be a meter away from other person and by doing that you’re defining your private space.

In overall, you should wait until you become close to someone before making body contact. If it happens involuntarily, they will understand you due to your foreigner culture, but they will consider it unpleasant and awkward.

We recommend you to check here if you wish to learn more on Japanese culture in overall.

  1. Do Not Use Phones on Trains

Japanese are preoccupied with manner, which means that you should behave like it. You will notice regular announcements on the platforms or trains regarding what should you do and how to act during your trip.

In some areas, you will have to turn off your phone as soon as you board the train, or set it on vibration, with the idea to avoid disturbing other people during their travel. Therefore, you should avoid talking on the phone while on a train.

You can text, but as long you’re not making any noise or bothering people around you. You can listen tomusic but avoid showing off your phone.