Things to See in Delhi


Delhi is not the prettiest city in India. But it is the gateway to the country for most European travelers, so it is worth to schedule at least one night in the city because it has several places of interest that are worth visiting.

Here we mentioned the most famous things to see in Delhi are:

  1. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

A very interesting Sikh temple and also very friendly and open with visitors, where they let you get into the kitchen (it is literal). On Saturdays there is prayer and much atmosphere of faithful praying and making purifications in the annex lake. As in every Sikh temple, both men and women have to cover their heads.

  1. Old Delhi

A classic in every visit to the capital. The old city is actually the 7th historic city of Delhi , which the British found when they arrived here in the 17th century. Within its walls live 3 million people in a chaotic maze of alleys and alleys, bazaars , mosques , cables, puddles of dirty waters, stalls of street food, markets … A sensory trip and a first immersion in authentic India. On Sundays, stores close but open a bullanguero market for second-hand clothing and objects.

  1. Humayun’s Tomb

It is one of the best preserved Mogolian palace complexes in the country. Built in the traditional red sandstone , it includes the tomb of Emperor Humayun and several mosques and buildings. It is declared a World Heritage Site.

  1. Qutub Minar

This beautiful 12th-century minaret is the icon of Delhi. It was built around 1192 by the Mughal emperor who brought Islam to northern India. With the remains of Hindu temples they built a huge mosque , whose ruins can still be seen next to the minaret. The columns of that mosque – beautifully carved – form a really amazing stone forest.

  1. India Gate

A large arch of Triumph built as a memorial and grave to unknown soldiers fallen by the country. It is in the new area, Old Delhi, and forms a large monumental complex with the Rashtrapati Bhavan , the presidential palace. It is surrounded by large landscaped meadows . It is better to go on holiday, when hundreds of Indian families go to the gardens to walk, picnic and spend the day. The youngest play cricket, one of the national sports.  Must check out the route map of Palace on Wheels train which offers royalty onboard the train.

  1. Gandhi Memorial (Raj Ghat)

Beyond honoring the figure of the most famous character in the history of the country, the place has nothing particular. It is a landscaped area around a black marble slab over the place where Ghandi was cremated after his murder in 1948.

  1. Akshardam

Many tourists ignore it, but for me it is the most amazing place in Delhi . It is the largest Hindu temple in the world and despite being newly built, the quality of the stone carving work has nothing to envy to other historical monuments. The gigantic temple was built by the Hinduist current Swaminarayan, whose faithful worked voluntarily with thousands of stonecutters and artisans to sculpt an architectural marvel in red sandstone and white marble. The access conditions are very strict and you can not access anything on top, from a pen to any type of electronic device (not even the mobile).

  1. Jama Masjid

The Friday Mosque is the largest in Delhi. Built by the same emperor who raised the Taj Mahal , it forms a gigantic open space that sponges the motley network of Old Delhi. Good views from the arcades of the courtyard of the Hindu and Muslim neighborhoods and the Red Fort.

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