Tips To Maintain Your Rattan Garden Furniture


A favourite of homeowners since decades, rattan garden furniture has come a long way in terms of style and appearance. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this type of furniture is known for its durability and strength. Along with being great value for money, it is also preferred for its natural charm and attractive look. However to maintain the appeal and prolong the life of your stylish and cheap rattan garden furniture regular care is a must.

Dusting is essential to keep your rattan furniture free from dust and dirt. A soft cloth can be used for this purpose to avoid causing any harm to the surface. Some people find it difficult to get rid of accumulated dust particles with cloth, especially on the crevices and woven panels. They can use vacuum cleaner and make their furniture thoroughly clean with brush attachment.

To get rid of stains, you can use a slightly damp cloth, along with mild furniture cleaning solution. Abrasive creams and paint thinners should be avoided and special care must be taken to not drench the furniture with any type of liquid. If it happens then it should be dried immediately. Also the material becomes soft when wet, so make sure not to bend the furniture as it can cause permanent damage.

Mildew growth is another common problem that people face with cheap rattan garden furniture, which not only affects its strength but can give the items unsightly appearance. However, this is avoidable with regular and thorough cleaning. As soon as you notice the growth of mould or mildew, make sure to treat it immediately with a mix of soapy water and bleach. The furniture should also be placed outdoor after applying this solution to dry it properly.

Letting rattan furniture stay in the sunlight for too long can weaken the material and damage the structure, as the natural fibres tend to fade under strong rays. Although this process is natural, rotating the furniture and changing its place from time to time can ensure even fading. As the exposure to extreme sunlight gets reduced, it will not have any adverse impact on the durability of your furniture.

Besides these care instructions, taking simple steps when moving or placing the rattan furniture can go a long way in retaining its strength. Rattan furniture is very light in weight, as compared to other materials; thus picking it is not a problem when moving the furniture. It will help to keep the fibres intact and avoid them from splitting up. Similarly, it is the feet of the rattan furniture which get damaged the most and using rubber or felt pads can solve this issue to a large extent.

The versatility, flexibility and durability of elegant and cheap rattan garden furniture makes it a favoured choice of many and that is why you can find an amazing variety of this furniture to suit your style and complement your house. If you also want to adorn your house with rattan furniture, then keep the above mentioned useful tips in mind and enjoy its beauty of a long time to come.