Top 5 Chinese restaurants in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Chinese restaurants

Food bloggers and critics love to taste world cuisines. They want to try new dishes and visit chick restaurants in order to review them for better customer experience. Their desire for a great breakfast or multi cuisine dinner is fulfilled by the fine dines restaurants who offer menus with extensive range of dishes to try from. They love to savor every type of dish available at a restaurant but in recent times critics have developed a taste bud for Chinese food which is well-known for its spicy and tangy flavor.

Top 5 Chinese restaurants Fort Collins, Colorado, USA are:

  1. Hunan Chinese restaurant Fort Collins:

Hunan Chinese restaurant is termed to be the best Chinese restaurant in Fort Collins as it offers a menu with delicious Chinese dishes which can be converted into a takeaway order. The restaurant also has great selections of tea flavor which can be savored with snacks for a wonder evening. However, dinner reservations are recommended as the restaurant stays jam packed with customers from different parts of the town.

  1. Sally’s kitchen:

Sally’s kitchen is the best restaurant which has used its limited space efficiently. It is situated in a gas station but the serves the best dishes one can ask for. Authentic Chinese dishes using special secret spicy sauce makes the restaurant even more appealing and popular among the customers. Food critics have the best reviews for this place. Staff employed is courteous in nature and have all the skills which a professional worker at a restaurant should possess. Garlic avocado with lime rice chicken is the best dish served at the restaurant.

  1. Young’s Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine:

The restaurant serves great Chinese and Vietnamese dishes to its customers which are prepared by experienced chefs who possess great cooking and presentation skills. It is one of the oldest establishments in Fort Collins which serves authentic Chinese dishes. Outdoor sitting arrangement gives customers the required comfort. The restaurant even showcases today’s special menu which includes the best dishes prepared by the chef. Lemongrass seafood soup and pan fried dumplings is the best combination served at the restaurant.

  1. Yung’s Chinese:

Yung’s Chinese restaurant stays bombarded with pack of college students looking for a quick bite. The restaurant has the facility of takeout and late night deliveries which gives the required convenience to the customers. Egg rolls, Sesame chicken and beef broccoli are its most prized possessions. Fresh vegetables and authentic ingredients are used for preparation of dishes.

  1. Hot Wok cafe:

The restaurant is famous for its hot and sour soup which according to customers is thick and consistent in nature. This makes Hot Wok Cafe the best Chinese restaurant for authentic Chinese soups. Kung Pao chicken, a staple Chinese dish, is its specialty prepared using fresh meat sourced from the best meat shop. On the whole, an affordable place which is simple and great for a quick bite.

Out of all the above restaurants, Hunan Chinese restaurant Fort Collins co is treated to be the best and highly rated Chinese restaurant. One can be sure of a wonderful dining experience at the restaurant.