ULTIMATE HIGH: A Big Difference in Your Corporate Events


    Since 2001, the Ultimate High has been the leading professional provider of hands-on aerobatic flight experiences. This is the best option for a “once in a lifetime” flights that would be perfect for the corporate event that you are hosting. They have been offering unique experiences that you will never forget.

    Ultimate High is specialized in high-adrenaline hands-on flying experience. These are professionals in their field because they also are Europe’s number one flight safety and aerobatics training school. So are you ready to push yourself and your guests to the limit?  So if you want to make an unforgettable experience at a different level, Ultimate High is the best choice for you.

The Corporate Event Flying Days

    This is a different way to host a VIP, or maybe a company incentive, a product launch, or just unique corporate events. It’s time to exceed your guest’s expectations. This will definitely be an experience that they will never forget for a lifetime. At Ultimate High, all the flying experience will depend on your guest.

This is perfect for those who have never flown before, or maybe an employee who is a thrill seeker. The Ultimate High pilots are the world’s best. They are a combination of pilots who have flown with the Red Arrows, an RAF fast jet pilot, or Military School instructors. So there’s no need to worry, your safety is in their hands.


    This is the United Kingdom’s number one high adrenaline experience. If you want a unique and an unforgettable adventure for your team, this should be your first pick. Ultimate High is the only company in Europe who offers the Top Gun in ex-military aircraft experience. Be a “Top Gun” pilot for a day!

  • Fly Aerobatics – Experience. You would need to be in a flying suit before the brief. Then you will go into pairs. Once you are on the aircraft, your Ultimate High ex-military instructors will show you a formation take-off as well as the close formation maneuvering before you will be taught how to fly aerobatics yourself. Then you will be given a chance to fly some aerobatic maneuvers before you will be introduced to the tail chasing and air combat. Taking the controls on their own is definitely a different experience.

What is Included in the Group Flying Day?

    This package will provide you and your guests a welcome and all day refreshments. You will be able to use high-quality flying suits, headset and also the “Top Gun badges. There will be a short briefing by the senior fighter pilot. Then you will experience the Ultimate High flights together with you ex-military instructor pilot. There will be light lunch after and the Group debrief. Each of your guests will then receive signed flight certificates as well as a special award if there are any. For those who don’t want to fly there will be a “treasure hunt” prepared. And lastly, there will be an exclusive tour of the Spitfire Hanger.

If you want to make an impression on your VIP guest or your clients, Ultimate High is the best experience that will surely get your heart pumping. So book today and make a change into unique Corporate Events!