Unmissable Events That Make Life Sweet in Australia


Australia is famous for being a warm and friendly country where life is good. However, if you decide to visit here or move here what will you do with all of your free time?

Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing events that take place Down Under throughout the year. In fact, finding time to cram in all of these unmissable festivals and competitions could be the biggest challenge of all.

Perth International Arts Festival

Western Australia is the setting for this giant cultural festival each year. It runs over 3 action-packed weeks in February and March. The huge range of events in the Perth International Arts Festival covers music, dance, art, theatre and film. The Perth Writers Festival is also part of this festival.

Of course, this is also a fine excuse to visit one of the world’s most interesting cities. It is regularly ranked as one of the best cities for living in and has a tremendous climate. Intriguingly, it is also often called the most remote big city on the planet and it certainly has a feeling of being far from the rest of the world.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

February and March is also when the Adelaide Fringe Festival happens in South Australia. This event is the world’s second biggest arts festival and attracts thousands to visitors to this fine city. Over 4,000 artists perform in 900 events in all sorts of forms of entertainment all over the city during 24 days.

Another famously good place to live, Adelaide is well-known for its wine, its food and its sport, together with a range of other interesting festivals. If you are looking to emigrate to Australia from the UK then this is a great choice of place to live, with lovely beaches and an enviable lifestyle.

AFL Grand Final

If you aren’t already a sports fan before you head to Australia then the chances are that you will be before too long here. This is a nation of sports-lovers and few events make their pulses race as much as the AFL Grand Final. This is the big day in the Australian sporting calendar and a wonderful day out.

This highlight of the Australian Football League season takes place in Melbourne. This is yet another Australian city that frequently comes out near the top of the lists of the world’s very best cities. This is widely regarded as a cool, cosmopolitan city with tons of culture and exciting things to do.

The National Multicultural Festival

Canberra is a city that you don’t really hear a lot about, but it does have some interesting events going on throughout the year. For example, if you are interested in fine food then the Truffle festival is a great choice of event to visit. However, for many people the National Multicultural Festival in February is the best event in Canberra.

As the name suggests, artists from all round the world congregate in the capital to perform during this festival. The event runs for 3 days and gives you a great opportunity to visit this pretty city. It is Australia’s capital and biggest inland city, meaning that it is home to some of the best jobs in demand in Australia.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon

This exciting marathon is famous for taking place one of the flattest and prettiest marathon routes you will ever see. It happens in July each year and there are also a variety of shorter races for those who don’t feel ready for the full distance just yet.

Gold Coast is a wonderful city on the East coast of Australia that provides a fine place to visit or to live. It is perhaps best known for its warm climate and great surfing conditions. However, there is a lot more to do here than just head to the beach. The area is packed with theme parks, restaurants and top class nightlife options too.

Brisbane Festival

Another Australian city well worth getting to know is bright and breezy Brisbane. A good time to get here is in September, when the annual festival fills the streets with tourists and cultural events happen all over the city. Expect to find comedy, music, dance and theatre shows among the many things going on.

This is another city Down Under where a good lifestyle is virtually guaranteed. It sits on the coast of Queensland and has a fantastic climate. The city is famous for its thriving arts and live music scenes, meaning that there are always plenty of opportunities for getting out and enjoying some culture.