What Are The Advantages Of A Flat Roofing System


A ‘flat roof’ is a slight misconception as they are built to have a slight pitch of few degrees to enable rainwater to drain. The roof structure is an integral part of design whether it is a high commercial or residential property. There are other factors such as type and style of the property, budget, planning and building regulations. Flat roofs would not have the slope that is found in houses or homes with a pitched roof as they are basically flat.

It is important that an experienced roofing contractor like rubberbond roofing Surrey in flat roof installation is contracted to do the work. A proper reference check must be conducted and previous flat roofing work examined. Flat roofs are well-maintained and most of them are available at affordable price. Some of the advantages of flat roofs are listed below.

Safety & Accessibility

They are safer and more accessible than any other types of roof. As it is a flat surface, it is easier to check things like rain gutters, sidings etc. Also, it is easy to maintain as there is no need to hire a roofing specialist to inspect the roof for any faults. It is possible to use the entire roof area to create a roof garden as it ideal to create green roofs where it is covered partially or fully with soil and vegetation. They also act as an insulation thus reducing the energy bills.


Flat roofs are less expensive than any other types of roofs. They can be constructed in less time and with fewer materials than other roofing thus save both money and time. Also, while repairing any damages to a flat roof there are few complications compared to other types of roof.

Wind Resistance

Flat roofs offer minimal resistance to the wind compared to angled roofing systems. This factor matter in the event of a storm that may have the potential to damage the shingles or tiles placed on an angled roof structure.

Easy Installations

The flat roof surface offers the opportunity to place equipment like AC vents and exhausts. Also, solar panels can be easily installed on the roof surface for conserving energy and help reduce the carbon footprint.


Flat roofs are more resistant to fire and can be made more fire resistant easily than angled roof. Also, they provide greater insulation than other types of roof. Frequent inspection of flat roofs is recommended to extend the lifespan of a flat roof. In the case of water pooling or ice dams on flat roofs, it must be removed within 48 hours to avoid leaks.

Before deciding on the type of roof to install, it is best to analyse the roofing needs. If space is the most important factor, then a flat roof is the system best suited for the house. Flat roofing is both economical and efficient and saves both energy and money. Once a roofing decision has been made for the dream home, it is best to build it with rubberbond roofing Surrey . In future, if there is ever a need to add a second or third storey, it is comparatively cheaper with a flat roof!