What are the pointers of a contraction timer?


In case if you feel that you are heading to labour, then a baby contraction timer would come to your rescue. This would help you to find out whether you are heading to the hospital as well. With the help of a calculator or a stop watch you can count the contractions. But this would not be all that accurate. One thing for sure it would be a reliable tool for the would be mothers to keep a track of their contractions.  There are a lot of online contraction timers which are going to do the work for you. You can even go on to download and if the need arises share with your family as well as friends.

The moment you feel a tightening sensation, just press the start button. This could be felt with the hand on the belly or you could feel it from the inside as well. It would start the beginning of a single contraction. The moment you feel that the uterus is relaxed press the stop button. Once the contractions continue you would need to repeat the process. By doing so you can find the intervals of the contractions as well. Once the contractions continue repeat the process. This would help you have an idea about the frequency. In a lot of ways you could say that it would be on the similar lines as a pregnancy week by week chart.

Another important point of consideration would be that you need to understand the true from the false ones. When it is the true it starts to take place at the back and then move towards the abdomen. When it is the case of the false ones it start in the belly and a portion of the belly does become hard. Ideally you would find around 4 to 5 at a single go and trust me there are not painful in any way. The true ones get stronger and increase in frequency over a passage of time. The best part about the false contractions is that it would prepare the body ahead for the time to come. They are irregular and of short duration as well. In fact they tend to take place in the 5th of 7th week of pregnancy and by the time delivery approaches it tends to fade away.

You can compare the pain of the labour in the form of period gains. This tends to range from small to sever in nature. Cramps or backache generally tend to accompany it most cases. An acne or heaviness is something you do feel in the lower part. The false ones you are going to feel in the groin area but the point here to consider is that it will never move to the front portion.

If the contraction simply refuses to stop and does not go after lying on the left side then it is high time you are heading to labour. It does take place in 3 to 4 minutes duration.