What Guarantees Are Available From Bi Fold Door Manufacturers


Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to save space within your home. If you are looking to minimize space consumption, bi-fold doors are a great bet since they fold backwards. They are very common for closet doors and laundry rooms. However, it can be quite frustrating to buy fittings or home equipment and notice them develop some fault just a couple of months after being installed. Most bi-fold door manufacturers offer guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction. There are often refunds if you are not satisfied with the product. Ensure the doors have a problem before you request a refund, as bi-fold door are often quite durable and can be maintained easily if you are the type of person that likes to do it yourself.

What guarantees are available from bi-fold door manufacturers?

Bi-fold door manufacturers would often say that they create the highest possible quality doors from the best possible materials. They often promise that the doors would offer all there is in terms of strength and versatility. However, despite all these promises, there is nothing more comforting than a guarantee on the product installed.

However, before you go chasing some guarantee, ensure that you properly maintain your bi-fold doors and eliminate the common problems that may occur. These include:

  • Bi-fold doors may feel loose or wobbly: If your bi-fold door is loose or wobbly, it may have simply fallen off its track. The fittings may become loose and this could cause the door to feel a little bit loose. It could also be that the track is bent due to damage or something getting stuck in it. You could simply bend the track back into place and be careful not to damage the door frame.
  • Doors may feel rather stiff: If this problem occurs, you may not really have to call the door installer. Stiff doors could be as a result of the lock dragging on the door frame. This could make the doors stick when they are opened or closed. You could simply adjust the lock.
  • The most common reason, dirt: Dirt along the runners of your bi-fold doors could cause the doors to lose their smoothness. A bi-fold door is very beautiful but they would not stay that way unless you clean them regularly. However, the issue of dirt goes beyond the doors looking tidy, regular cleaning could actually prevent them from getting damaged.

Most manufacturers offer bi-fold doors that can withstand the toughest weather conditions and units that comply with all available building regulations that are available. Guarantees could also be for up to 10 years.

Guarantees vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, with some even offering as much as 25 years on the product offered. Guarantee packages could also be for the frame and fittings that come with the door.


When buying bi-fold doors it is important to get doors that come with proper comprehensive guarantee packages. You should ensure that the manufacturers give you full details on the guarantee package with no grey areas. Some shady bi-fold door manufacturers leave loopholes in their guarantee agreements so you should make sure you properly read through the conditions upon which you may be able to return the doors or get a refund. Also, if you notice that the doors have problems from the manufacturers, try not to tamper with the installation structure. Most manufacturers claim that the guarantee on the door is declared void once the product has been tampered with. Also, ensure to hire a top-notch installer, because a lot of problems that may occur with bi-fold doors are as a result of poor installation.