What is it that brings people back to Football


Of all the games that have ever been played there is one that seems to draw people in and keep them interested in years to come. It has to be football. Football is a game so simple in its design that you don’t need anything much to play it. The only thing you really need at the end of the day is something round and ball shaped.

The goal posts are also easily taken care of as again you really don’t need to have anything other than a bag or something similar to mark out where they are. It’s not like Rugby where you need an egg-shaped ball and some massive posts in the shape of a H. The rules for other games are also complicated where as opposed to the understanding and calling of the offside rule football there isn’t a huge amount to worry about. The most controversial is the debate about fouling as physical contact is not allowed not that it stops many of the players. One way to get very good at Football is to watch some of the Football Training drill Videos and make sure that you go to regular training sessions.

Maybe there is something in the fact that football is our national game. It has always been considered an urban game. One only has to look at the fact that all of the best teams come from the cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and of course London. There is thought to be a slight correlation with our changing working environment. Prior to the nineteenth century the population all worked out in the fields for farms or they had a job in caring for the great manor house.

All this changed with the industrial revolution and the sudden movement of people enmasse from the rural setting to the town and city. The people needed a game to play and while they didn’t have a lot of space being in streets that were tightly packed together with people almost living

on top of each other football offered a chance to try and break out of the drudgery of the school, the Mill and the factory. As the countries workforce came together so did the development of clubs and societies and the formation of a football club was one of the first things that they did. Most of the clubs you see today were formed from the beginning of out if working men associations.