What To Consider When Hiring Services Of Freight Forwarders


Freight forwarding company is the particular concern that is engaged in importing and exporting of goods on behalf of others. Services of prominent companies like freight forwarder Crawley or others are hired for making this task easy.

Companies thinking to hire reliable freight forwarders should consider the following:

  • Assess your needs – It is wise to consider your exact requirements as regards import or export of goods. Think of the particular mode through which you would like to ship the goods. Few of you may like to export the same through air while many companies need the rail transport. Exporting or importing any goods on urgent basis needs air carriers. Do decide the mode of transportation of goods that suits you.  
  • Punctuality – Always book the freight forwarder that is able to pick up and deliver the goods in time. Focus must be emphasised on the on-time delivery feature while you hire the freight forwarders.
  • Terms and conditions – Be wise to check the terms and conditions of the policy of the freight forwarder that is booked for importing or exporting the goods. Ask for the quotation with all the terms and other aspects of the freight forwarding policy. The disclosure document should be studied in careful manners. The contract should be signed only after checking all the relevant clauses of the policy.
  • Experience – It is recommended to go through the comments of the customers when you think of hiring freight forwarder Crawley or others for shipment of goods. Candidly, the customers are the right people for recommending the reliable freight forwarders. Do not book any inexperienced company. Do ensure that the freight forwarder should enjoy cordial relations with different carriers and other service providers. Also check the details about the types of carriers that they are associated with. Do ensure that the concern booked for shipment of goods deals in the types of goods that you intend to ship. Such freight forwarding companies should have enough experience with regard to paperwork and packaging etc. Other most important aspect to be considered is the volume handling capacity of the freight forwarder. Those hiring such companies should check the specific volume of goods that they are able to ship in comfortable manners. Safety of the goods during transit is another big aspect that must be considered.
  • Pricing – Last but not the least is the charges that the freight forwarder asks for shipment of the desired goods. The company that hires the freight forwarders should confirm that they charge genuine rates for their valuable services. The tough competition in this field has compelled these companies to charge legitimate charges but few of them can dupe you by adding hidden costs in their bills. Do check the same carefully. But be wise not to compromise with the quality of service just for few pennies. Better pay some extra money but ensure timely and safe shipment of the goods.

Prominent entities like freight forwarder Crawley can be hired at genuine rates by following the above tips.