What To Expect When Booking A Pallet Delivery In Bulgaria


Are you going to some place and need you car to be transported? Or do you need to send a large consignment of goods to some place? If so, pallet deliveries Bulgaria are your best option. Pallets deliveries are used to transport things that are too big to be sent through parcels. Pallets or skids are flat surfaced structures, with a base, that are used for transporting goods. These pallets are generally made of wood, plastic or metal and can carry weights of up to 1200kgs depending on the size of the pallet. For example, a quarter sized pallet can carry 250kgs, a half pallet can carry 500kgs, a full sized pallet can carry about 1000kgs and an oversized pallet can carry about 1200kgs. These pallets are lifted by forklifts and placed on special trucks for their transport.

Pallet deliveries Bulgaria are efficient, cost-effective, and the most preferred goods transport service to avail. Before hiring someone for pallet delivery, here is a list of things that you might want to keep in mind:
1. Depending on when you book them, the delivery time will depend.
2. There are restrictions on what all can be shipped via pallets.
3. You will be expected to securely pack the belongings according to their guidelines, in order to prevent any possible damage.
4. Most of the companies will provide you with a set of specific labels with barcodes or company logos to be put on the pallets before the shipment is carried out. You will be expected to fill them up for every single pallet.
5. You will be provided with a cover-up of upto 50 pounds for free (it may vary across companies). If you feel there is a need for more, you might avail it by paying a few extra pounds.
6. Some companies will provide for warehouse facilities too. If you think you need the service, then approach companies that provide for it too.
7. Your quote will depend on the size and number of pallets you require and the distance that is to be covered for the delivery.
8. If the destination country is not listed in their website, you can contact them.
9. You need to fill up customs forms for deliveries outside the European Union.
10. You might get reward points to be used for your next delivery.
11. Deliveries will be done on the same day or in seven days (maximum), depending on the destination distance.

The pallet deliveries Bulgaria provide for services in UK, Ireland and countries across Europe. They provide for door to door service, and hence, make sure your parcels are delivered as they were given. You can also track them online if needed. Here are two most important things you need to remember- a) If your pallet size occupies more than the allotted space for one pallet, you might have to pay for the extra sections it occupies, and b) if your pallets are to be delivered across islands, it will cost you more.