When Fish Is the Key to Happiness


Known as the ultimate lean protein, yes, yes we are referring to those silvery scaled tasty fish. So what is your favourite fish preparation? In India fish is prepared in a number of mouth- watering styles, sweeping one’s senses to a different level altogether. Fish as we all know can be cooked in innumerable number of ways; be it with coconut paste, curry leaves or n mustard sauce and green chillies. It is the magical touch of the cook that makes any dish scrumptious and fish dishes are not an exception in this case.

We all love fishes, don’t we?

Are you a fish lover? Does the smell of wish empower your senses? Fish is a highly demanded dish all across the globe. Changing the course of gravy with the places and time zone it travels. While the Portuguese pickle their fish, the Kashmiris add lotus and Saffron to their fish and as the all beloved fish reaches the coastal region it’s made delectable with loads of coconut paste and coconut milk. With the culinary expertise of the people taking a top seat and innovation being the key word, the mere fish couldn’t escape its nets and a lot of innovative dishes have come up. Like the Kerala Nadan Meen Curry, which is basically spicy gravy made with chopped ginger, garlic, tamarind, coconut, curry leaves and of course fish. Another being the Mangalorean Fish Fry, a very common dish at the Mangalore households where a medium sized Pomfret fish is marinated with red chilli powder, lime juice, salt, oil and covered in a banana leaf. The fish is stuffed with grated coconut, coriander and curry leaves and water from the coconut. Delicious, isn’t it? Having said it all though a lot of innovations have come to the normal fish dishes yet fish masala remains to be everybody’s close to the heart fish preparation. Now what exactly is this fish masala? Well, well it is a spicy preparation loaded with a variety of spices cooked in a pan, leaving highly aromatic flavour for a happy tummy.

There’s nothing that fish masala cannot fix

However, each day we try different preparation be it of fish or chicken however the simple and the most authentic ones occupy a special place in our taste buds. Repeatedly we wish to go back to it. Like it is said that old is gold, so can be said for fish masala as well that no matter how old it gets just gets better with the passage of time. A plate of steaming hot rice along with your favourite fish curry is a complete happiness and joy for the soul and the tummy. On a lazy afternoon, when you are too low on life a well- cooked dish of your fish can make you feel a tad bit better. It is only so because we all know and collectively agree to the saying that the key to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. So next time you are feeling low, lazy or sick you know the fishy trick to happiness.