Why bodybuilders are taking Stanozolol?


Stanozolol has currently acquired a greater popularity due to its unique advantages that can support the bodybuilding activity of both female and male beings. It has been proved as one of the safest anabolic steroids as it has got only mild properties that is not at all harmful for body organs.

 Other name of this drug is Winstrol and initially it was known by this name only later the name has changed. 10gram dosage is suitable for men while 50gram dosage is perfect for women but still it is very much necessary to take the doctor’s suggestions in order to stay at the safest side.

Stanozolol has been scientifically proved as a safe drug and this is the reason there are some bodybuilders who are taking the same even without taking suggestions from doctors. Normal patterns of testosterone secretion can be easily improved by this drug but this fact is still unknown to many bodybuilders. If the testosterone secretion is being controlled or regulated properly, then men can lead a healthy life and can concentrate properly on different kinds of extensive workouts or exercises.

How Stanozolol are beneficial for bodybuilders?

  • Physical performances are being improved with the intake of Stanozolol and this is one of the leading advantages but not the sole one rather many more associated health benefits are also invited like increased endurance, improved agility and maximized strength. Men can get a lot of positive energy that not only relaxes the mind but long-hours workouts can also be continued without any inconsistency. You will never get tired doing workouts of you take this steroid drug on a regular basis. Normal patterns of testosterone secretion are also a great advantage that can be thoroughly enjoyed by men.
  • Women mainly take this drug for getting reduced fats from different body parts. This drug is also taken by those women who practice bodybuilding on a rigorous note. The dosage for women is competitively lower than that of men. On the other hand, there are certain physical conditions when women cannot take this drug at all as that might invite severe issues.

What conditions do not allow Stanozolol intake?

  • If you have got diabetes and you are taking medicines for the concerned trouble, then you are not at all allowed to take this drug orally. Diabetic patients might undergo a lot of dreadful side-effects with the consumption of this drug and this is the reason they are prohibited in taking the same.
  • If any woman is pregnant, then she will be restricted in taking this steroid drug as that might cause a great harm to both the health conditions of the w0omabn and her child. Breastfeeding mothers are also not permitted to have this steroid.
  • If any kind of medicine for blood thinning is getting used by the patient, then the doctors strongly advice not to take this drug at all. This is because dreadful consequences might be faced at any point of time which is pretty hazardous.