Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Making A Buzzing Sound?


There are several kinds of noise that faulty air conditioners make depending on the kind of fault. But buzzing noise is about the common. Apart from the buzzing noise other kinds of noise that your air conditioner could be making are squealing noise, clanking or banging noise, clicking noise, rattling noise, humming noise and screaming noise. With help from Midland Air Con we look at what some of the most common faults with your air conditioning.

Several faults could be responsible for your air conditioner’s buzzing noise.

Faulty compressor

The commonest cause of buzzing noise in the air conditioning unit is a faulty compressor. It could be a sign that your compressor is not working perfectly and may soon pack up.

Electrical fault

Buzzing sound could also be because the electrical voltage passing through the outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit is below the right amperage and as such the unit is overworking.

Torn or weak isolation feet

The ”isolation feet” is the rubber at the base of the compressor. It prevents the compressor from hitting the case of the air conditioning unit. When the rubber is missing, torn or very weak, the compressor begins to hit the frame while in use because it vibrates. This can also lead to the buzzing sound of your unit. This is because the compressor will not be balanced.

Leaking refrigerant

When your refrigerant leaks it can cause a freezing effect that can make your air conditioning unit buzz noisily. When you hear buzzing sound from your air conditioning unit, you should also check to confirm if there is no refrigerant leakage.

Loose component

If there are loose parts in your unit, the whole unit begins to shake while working and this can make it buzz. The more the loose parts the noisier your unit will be. So, when next you hear a buzzing sound from your unit, you should check if all the parts are intact. You should also check all the screws, nuts and bolts.

Old and worn out parts

Sometimes when your air conditioner has become very old with most of its parts worn out, it can also make loud buzzing sounds. But what makes this one different is that the buzzing sound is accompanied with less output. In short when your unit begins to make a buzzing sound and its output drops at the same time, then it is probably time for a total replacement.

Apart from buzzing sound, your air conditioner can also make any of the following sounds.

Clicking sound

If your air con keeps making a continuous clicking sound, one of the relays may be faulty. Find out which one it is and replace it.

Squealing sound

This sound is likely because the bearings on your condenser fan’s motor are old and worn out and they require urgent replacement.

Clanking sound

This sound is associated with a faulty blower assembly or a weak motor.

Screaming noise

Of all the noises, this is the most unbearable. You won’t even be able to use your unit with this noise. This noise can also be as a result of a failing compressor.

Rattling noise

This can also be associated with a loose part or a loose component. It is advisable to stop using it until you figure it out. It could lead to a more serious problem.

In conclusion, there may be other rare causes of buzzing noise in your air conditioning unit, the ones discussed above are the major and commonest causes. These causes are meant to be a guide. Whenever you notice any buzzing noise in your air conditioning unit, it is highly advisable to consult a specialist. He will do a thorough check to figure out the cause. He will not make do with mere speculations.