Why is Proper Home Ventilation Important


Reports show that people in the US spend about 90% of their time indoors, and that’s just on average. Majority of people’s lives are now found in the four walls of their homes, offices, and schools, the indoor atmosphere now plays a major role in our overall health and safety.

Research indicates that indoor air pollution can instill short, long, and sometimes even permanent adverse effects on a person’s health. There are even certain scenarios when indoor air pollution is more harmful than breathing polluted outdoor air. To remedy such a scenario, proper home ventilation is advised in any home to reduce the health risks brought about by these indoor air pollutants and contaminants.

Proper Home Ventilation Can Aid in Reducing Condensation 

Many homeowners don’t think much about condensation because it’s a naturally-occurring phenomenon. Condensation happens when humid air cools fast, and the area could no longer contain all of the moisture in a water vapor form. The moisture will then head to the coldest surface available in the immediate area and will condense. The aftermaths of condensation include the formations of water droplets on walls, windows, and other surfaces. If it’s not controlled or treated over time, then it can result in the formation of mold and mildew, not to mention the peeling of your beautiful wallpaper. Condensation can even lead to damage to wood supports. Proper ventilation can assist in regulating temperature in your home or office to properly control moisture levels.

Proper Home Ventilation Can Keep Allergens at Bay 

Some examples of allergens include dust, pollen, dirt, and other irritants. These can sometimes get trapped and concentrated inside HVAC systems if the filter isn’t cleaned on a regular basis. Getting the right filter from a reliable hvac supply store or cleaning the ventilation unit regularly can help prevent allergen buildup in your home or office. As a result, it can effectively reduce allergic reactions and symptoms, which will ultimately make the property a more suitable environment for allergy sufferers.

Proper Home Ventilation Prevents Asthma and Protects Respiratory Health 

When your home or office is riddled with allergens and other pollutants, then these can contribute to the development and the worsening of asthma, along with other respiratory conditions. Damp environments can become the ideal place for dust mites to survive and breed. Whenever dust mites come into contact with our skin and respiratory system, it can bring about a host of health conditions such as the following: itching, eczema, and breathing issues. A proper ventilation system at your home or office can assist in preventing these health concerns.

Proper Home Ventilation Reduces the Risk of Backdrafts

Whenever the pressure inside the home is lower than the pressure found outdoors, then the air inside the home will create a negative pressure. As a result, this will create a vacuum that will pull the polluted outside air inside your house. This phenomenon is known as a backdraft, and it can become a dangerous combination when mixed with combustible gases. Proper ventilation can reduce the risk of backdrafts to occur as the system will control the pressure inside the house.

If you think that you’re home is at risk to any indoor air quality issues, then perhaps you might want to give your HVAC system a routine check to see if it’s still in good working order.