Why shortness of breath is a recurring problem during the course of pregnancy


It is pretty much obvious that you will be shortness of breath during the course of pregnancy. The reason of it is that the body might need more amount of oxygen and the body is going to adapt in numerous ways. If the levels of hormones are raising it goes on to have an impact on your lungs where in your brain the respiratory centre is attacked. It has to be notified that the number of breaths that you are taking during pregnancy is on the lesser side, the amount of exhale and inhaling of air changes a lot during pregnancy. In a step by step baby growth during pregnancy video more information is thrown on it.

In case if you feel short of breath during pregnancy the need of the hour is to breathe more. Once you reach the end of pregnancy the breathing is going to be more difficult because the pressure is being put on the abdomen. This is all the more so if you carrying multiples, if there is excess amount of amniotic fluid or in case the baby are twins. It also needs to be understood that shortness of breath could arise from an existing condition like hypertension or anaemia. A certain degree of breathing relief could be provided a few weeks before you happen to be due, but this is when the labour is about to approach and the baby drops into the pelvis. In medical terms this goes by the name of lightening as well.

In case you are experiencing shortness of breath during pregnancy then you can resort to the following symptoms. If you follow the below mentioned steps, you can get some relief

  • Do try to take things a lot easy and do not push yourself so much when you happen to be active.
  • Place your shoulders back and always sit up straight. This is going to provide a lot of space for the lungs to expand as well.
  • When you are in bed do position yourself up properly with a few extra set of pillows
  • It is not a great feeling to be short of breath during pregnancy and as far as possible try to be patient. Within a few days your breathing is going to come back to normal ways once you are over with pregnancy

Now the question is will the shortness of breath lead to another serious problem. This is going to be the case if you are already suffering from any form of pre-existing condition life flu. It has been found out that in 30 % of patients who have asthma during pregnancy the symptoms tends to worsen considerably. Several rounds of it could pose harm to both the mother as well as the baby.  Respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy does act as a welcome change at this point of time. It is better that you discuss with your doctor if you are suffering from any symptoms.