Why there has been a huge surge in parents refusing vitamin K for their new born

syringe and thermometer with medication

Of late an increasing trend that has been witnessed in parents refusing vitamin K for new born. The refusal of vitamin K or the lack of it presents a medical issue. The main reason of it is that vitamin K helps the blood to clot. If you fail to supplement babies with vitamin K it would lead to a deficiency that can take place in the first few weeks of life and even stretch beyond 12 years.

Somewhere around 12 % of babies are expected to have a degree of bleeding and out of 10,000 children the risk of vitamin K deficiency is 7 %. In case if there is a failure on your part to provide a vitamin K shot for your baby the chances of bleeding is 81 times more. This stands to be on lines when you did not have a vitamin K shot. In case of babies who go on to suffer from Vitamin K deficiency there is going to be bleeding in brains that could lead to permanent damage of the same. As far as the diagnosis and treatment of VKDB evolves it would mean a series of painful procedures. There are going to be repeated blood draws along with transfusions and in some cases could lead to death as well. Till now only one serious case of allergy to vitamin K has been recorded. The reasons for refusal of new born vitamin K do really prove to be a surprise. This is for the simple fact that if you refuse to comply with it the chances of bleeding does increase considerably.

Vitamin K is known not to pass through the placenta, and this deficiency is going to occur even if you supplement yourself with vitamin K when you are pregnant. As this vitamin does not transfer itself to breast milk, it would be more common in case of babies who are breastfeed. At a different level repeated supplementation of oral vitamin K vaccines have been tried, but they have not proved to be stable in comparison to the one time dose of vitamin K. You will observe that the side effects are common and it would mostly relate to the injection site. Most of the health care providers are going to allow you to nurse the baby when you are being given a vitamin K shot.

There are parents who are going to refuse vitamin K shots based on the scientific inputs that arises from certain myths on various websites. The suggestion there would be you can refuse vitamin K on all counts. One of the major drawbacks that does arise is that you could be suffering from childhood leukaemia. This was the myth that was put forth by one study but the others have gone on to refute the claims as well. As per research reports that are available there is no relation between vitamin K along with leukemia.