Why UV Face Paints are on the Hot List for Clubbers


Standing out from the crowd is the objective for many partygoers whether you are taking the Ibiza club scene by storm or partying a little closer to home. No longer reserved for individuals that aren’t ready to let go of the 90s rave craze, UV face paints are back and better than ever, but why exactly do they now feature on the hot lists of many clubbers across the globe? And more importantly why should you add them to your collection of clubbing must haves?

Read on to discover the benefits of using UV face paints for every club night…

A long lasting, club worthy look

The wax based formula used in the very best UV face paints ensures a long lasting look that will remain club ready throughout your evening. While many UV face paints are water based those that use a premium wax base contain 100% organic beeswax, carnauba wax and coconut oil, three ingredients that are kind to the skin, effective and already championed for their moisturising, nourishing, soothing and regenerating qualities throughout the cosmetics market.

In addition to being long lasting, our cosmetically certified wax based system is smudge resistant, perfect if you don’t want your night to end!

Available in a range of colours

Getting creative with your UV face paint is the main point of purchasing and applying these specialist products for night out. But how can you outshine and ultimately out-party your fellow clubbers? Our UV face paints come in six different colours, including yellow, green, blue, pink, orange and red, so you can create a truly unique UV reactive design.

Glow hard under natural and UV light

All six neon shades found in the face paint range are visible under natural light but really come alive under UV reactive light, also known as black lighting. Each shade has an intense and vivid effect so whatever design you choose to opt for you are certain to glow hard until you catch that taxi home in the early hours.

Easy to apply

Thanks to the thick and creamy nature of the wax based UV face paints, application is quick and easy. It is however recommended that all UV paints are applied in layers, whether you are decorating your face or body, and that each layer is given time to dry before the next is applied.

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