Your Cat’s Home In Your House – The Amazing Cat Condo


Your house may not necessarily be home for your pets. Pets may be in your home but are they really feeling at home? Much like a person is, pets especially cats will want to stake a claim in a single part of the house to be their “own”. For cats, it could be a window sill, a ledge, or a piece of furniture. For most pet owners,  having multiple cats in one house may be a little bit complicated than it seems. Fortunately, a solution is just a click or a call away. Get yourself and your feline friends a cat condo! A cat condo is a combination of a cat tree, scratch posts, and multiple ledges. There was a time that people would think that this is just an extravagant purchase and not really necessary for your cats. Serious pet owners may not agree, perhaps you should read on and find out what the benefits are on having a cat condo for your pets.

Save Money!

How? By having a cat condo you save your furniture from being torn to shreds by cat claws. Having a cat condo will definitely steer away from your cat’s attention from the sofa or any other furniture that they targeted as a scratch post. Cat Condos will have a ledge, a scratch post, and lots of vertical space for your cat to explore. Having a cat tree or a cat condo will definitely save you money that will arise from expensive repairs on your beloved sofa. One highly active cat can shred your beautiful sofa, imagine having multiple cats. Cats do not do this because they want to or out of spite though, they actually need to scratch at something to shed their claws. Your beautiful sofa is just something that came in handy. Your cats do not hate you, so do not worry.

Cats Need Exercise Too!

Just like their owners, cats need exercise too. This is especially true among cats that are in urban areas, where they might not have any backyards to roam around in. A cat condo is a perfect solution for those felines that have less space to play in. Furthermore, cat condos are vertical and have a small footprint. This makes them exceptionally suited for condos and homes that may have limited spaces, as they are space savers themselves.

Cat Society

Cats have their own pecking order too. In many instances, fights break out over who gets to occupy a prized window sill or a prized ledge. Giving them a cat condo with multiple ledges will almost immediately solve the territorial problem. Dominant cats will occupy the topmost layers and others will follow accordingly.

For Resting And Playtime

Cats will use this piece both for rest and playtime, giving you as the owner, loads of fun and amusement as well. Most pet owners buy them to keep their pets entertained and to give them a place that they can call their home. Cats feet padding actually have scent glands that they use to mark their territory. That scratch post included in your cat condo may just be what is need to keep the housecat from shredding your sofa.